CryoStore Reward Credits


Net Purchase of HKD20 = 1Point


1Point = HKD1 towards future purchases


Join storage plan to get cash rewards


Commit to any storage plans (umbilical cord or cord blood) online at CRYOLIFE or CRYOSTORE to get cash rewards at CRYOSTORE.


Click on “Account” to check your “Store Credits”, “Expiry Date” and “Credit History”.

Store Credits can be used on any products or services at CRYOSTORE.

CryoStore Reward Program

1. About your membership 

1.1. To join the Program, you are required to first register on the CryoStore website.
1.2. Loss of record / Reward Credits under CryoStore account 
a) If your CryoStore account malfunctions due to no fault of yours, you may recover your Reward Credits by contacting CryoStore Customer Hotline.  
b) You should notify us immediately by calling the CryoStore Customer Hotline if your CryoStore account has been used by others. We are not responsible for any loss (including Reward Credits and Cash Vouchers) suffered by you in relation to loss of your CryoStore account or mobile device.  
c) Where applicable, in determining the available balance of Reward Credits to be recovered from the loss of your CryoStore Card or mobile device, the records held by us shall be conclusive evidence of the available balance of Reward Credits.  
d) We reserve the right not to re-issue your Reward Credits to you in case of non-recoverable CryoStore account.  
1.3. If you wish to cancel your CryoStore membership, you need to contact CryoStore Customer Hotline. Your Reward Credits will be forfeited upon cancellation. 
2. Earning Reward Credits 
2.1. Every time you make a purchase at CryoStore, Reward Credits will be awarded for the Net Purchase Amount at the rate of:  
1 Reward Credit for every HK$20.00 spent.
Ex. $39.90 = 1 Reward Credit  |  $40.10 = 2 Reward Credits
2.2. Unless otherwise specified under particular transaction(s), Reward Credits will be awarded and updated within five (5) working days from the delivery date of the product(s) purchased (or upon notification of successful storage for storage plans) by you. You may check your balance of your Reward Credits by logging on to the CryoStore or by calling the CryoStore Customer Hotline. 
2.3. If Cash Vouchers, or other cash coupons and discounts, are used during the purchase, Reward Credits will be calculated based on the Net Purchase Amount.  
2.4. Reward Credits will not be awarded in decimals. For example, if the Net Purchase Amount is $53.9, ten (5) Reward Credits will be issued, based on the Net Purchase Amount of $50.  
2.5. Reward Credits are valid for one (1) year from the date of issue, after which they automatically expire.  
2.6. From time to time Reward Credits may not be issued for the purchase of certain commodities or services, or when you are entitled to some other benefits. 
2.7. It is necessary for you to login to your CryoStore Account at the point of use (including the earning of Reward Credits and Reward Credits redemption)
2.8. If you are entitled to a refund in relation to any goods or services purchased, the Rewards Credits awarded for that purchase will be deducted from and adjusted in your CryoStore account when the refund is made.  
2.9. We have the right to (a) adjust, withdraw or cancel any reward or benefits including Rewards Credits awarded or to be awarded to you; (b) suspend or stop providing any reward, benefits or service at any time; and (c) terminate your membership; at any time at our sole discretion without prior notice to you. 
3. Redeeming Reward Credits 
3.1. Upon accumulating certain Reward Credits by purchasing at CryoStore, you may use your Reward Credits to redeem for cash discounts on your purchases. The redeeming rate is 1 Reward Credit to HK$1.00 cash discount when making a purchase. 
3.2. Cash Voucher may be used to exchange for an equivalent amount of goods or services at the applicable Partner Outlet on or before the expiry date stated on the Cash Voucher. The Cash Voucher shall be invalid after the expiry date. 
3.3. Redemption Voucher may be used to redeem specified products at the applicable Partner Outlets on or before the expiry date stated on the Redemption Voucher. The Redemption Voucher shall be invalid after the expiry date.  
3.4. Cash Voucher and Redemption Voucher are not exchangeable for cash or other coupons. No change will be given either in cash or in other form when using the Cash Voucher in your purchase.  
3.5. Cash Voucher and Redemption Voucher are invalid and not replaceable if lost, defaced or damaged. 
3.6. We reserve the right of final decision in case of any dispute arising from any Cash Voucher or Redemption Voucher.  
3.7. The use of Cash Voucher and Redemption Voucher may be subject to further restrictions imposed by us or Our Partners from time to time.  
3.8. If you are entitled to a refund in relation to any goods or services purchased by using a Cash Voucher (whether in partial or full settlement for the purchase) or via cash discount converted by applying Rewards Credits, or, if your return of the redeemed product under a Redemption Voucher is accepted by us, relevant adjustments will be made to the Reward Credits in your CryoStore account (giving credit to the redeemed Reward Credits and deducting the Rewards Credits earned for that purchase) when the refund or return of product is made.