〖Guide to CRYOSTORE〗

Quick registration for shopping at ease


No time to go the mall? But not sure which online shop to trust? Here at CRYOSTORE we offer an array of carefully curated maternity products to optimise your well-being.


  • On any computers or mobile devices
  • Go to https://store.cryolife.com.hk
  • Click on “Sign up”on the dropdown menu
  • Fill in the registration form and click on “Sign me up”


In less than a minute, you can sit back and start shopping. 


Join storage plan to get cash rewards


Commit to any storage plans (umbilical cord or cord blood) online at CRYOLIFE or CRYOSTORE to get cash rewards at CRYOSTORE.


Click on “Account” to check your “Store Credits”, “Expiry Date” and “Credit History”.

Store Credits can be used on any products or services at CRYOSTORE.

〖Guide to CRYOSTORE〗

Simple steps on how to purchase


CRYOSTORE offers a variety of products, vouchers and service plans. To purchase:


  • Click on “ADD TO CART”
  • Adjust the quantity
  • Double-check the items and quantities
  • Click on “Checkout” to proceed to payment
  • If applicable, enter voucher code or use CRYOSTORE Credits, before payment confirmation


〖Guide to CRYOSTORE〗

Shipping options for your convenience

A number of shipping options are available at CRYOSTORE to suit your best needs:


  • Weigh the shipping fee against free shipping for purchase over a specific amount
  • Or come collect at our office for free
  • Shipment is usually arranged within 7 working days
  • For any special requirements, tell us under “Remarks for Shop”


CRYOSTORE supports most electronic payment options. Simply fill in the shipping information before payment, and wait for delivery!